Ustv Coverage For Dyarco ‘partner Of Choice For Local And International Enterprises’

Ustv Coverage For Dyarco ‘partner Of Choice For Local And International Enterprises’

Dyarco, founded in 1992, is playing a crucial role in Qatar’s development. The ISO-certified holding company is one of Qatar’s fastest-growing providers of technical-support services for local and foreign enterprises. Dyarco is part of Al Faisal Holding and of Ebrahim Al Neama& Sons Holding Group. Al Faisal Holding, one of Qatar’s biggest business groups, is chaired by Chairman H.E Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, who is also chairman of the Qatar Businessman Association.

 Dyarco has a stellar reputation in Qatar and was awarded the Quality Crown Award in London in 2008 in recognition of its transparency and high-quality customer service. Explaining Dyarco’s goals, General Manager , Mr. Achu says, “We focus on key infrastructure projects. We have some very good names in our portfolio, including major infrastructure enterprises and US companies. We have a dual role: to support our partner companies with our experience and technical know-how, and to develop Qatar.”

 Industry-leading expertise

 Dyarco has developed industry-leading expertise in oil and gas, civil and mechanical engineering, engineering design and consulting, marine offshore services and logistics, telecommunications, ICT and security systems, landscape piping, interior design, vertical transportation, construction, air-conditioning, paints, and training and consultancy.

 The company has established joint ventures and equity holdings and provides support services through the Dyarco service center. Mr. Achu explains, “Our partners’ success is our success. We are very proactive in identifying opportunities and we work hard to promote projects in which we can work with our partners to benefit Qatar. We regularly meet with our partners and we focus on technology partnerships.”

 Mr. Achu urges US companies and investors to take a close look at Qatar. He says, “Qatar has plenty to catch up in especially in infrastructure and there are many projects planned to help the country catch up. We are open to working with partners to seek out these great opportunities.”

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