National Sports Day 2020

National Sports Day 2020

Dyarco International Group leads Sports day celebrations for its employees

11 February 2020 – Doha, Qatar | Dyarco International Group W.L.L the leading provider of services for establishing various businesses, conducted their annual ‘Sports Day” on 11th February 2020, Tuesday at Al Arabi Stadium – Doha for 09th consecutive year successfully.

Dyarco International invited the group companies to join the sports day celebration. All employees along with their families took part in various outdoor activities at Al Arabi Sports Club. Group companies including Dyarco Technology, Dyarco Shipping Services, Dyarco Security Services, Dyarco Management Services, Leminar Global Distribution Services, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, Troy Engineering, Al Failaq International Trading, Retail – Jack & Jones / Vero Moda participated in the event.

The event started with a parade employee walking along saluting and holding the flags of respective companies. Mr. Ullattil Achu Group General Manager took the honour of salute along with other respective Managers. The balloons were released to the sky as a symbol of the “Sports Day Ceremony” opening.

 A mix of individual and team sports were conducted for adults like Tug of War/ Foot Ball/ Volleyball/ / Badminton/ Running/ Relay were conducted to encourage employees to be active and get to know each other among group companies in a friendly and sportive environment. Ladies and kids also enjoyed with different forms of fun-loving games to keep them entertained. In spite of very cold weather all gathered at 7:30 am to celebrate the annual sports day. This is an excellent opportunity for the organisation to stress the importance of sports and physical activity.

Mr. Ullattil Achu, Group General Manager said, we encourage employees to have a healthy and active lifestyle by taking part in team sports. Qatar National Sports Day is an excellent opportunity for our organisation to focus on sports and physical activity. We take pride in promoting sports to all employees and their families to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sports Day helps to create a bond among the employees and families with the right team spirit. 

The league matches were conducted throughout the week to enter into finals. Medals and trophies were awarded to individual and team winners to motivate them to continue with their healthy and sportive lifestyle. Sports Day participation helps the team- building. Its Dyarco’s pride together with all group companies to walk along with Qatar to reach its vision.

Sports Day remains an annual tradition in which the employees along with their families take part in promoting sports and healthy living. Over 300 employees joined the event. Breakfast and refreshments were served throughout the morning as well as a lunch box provided.

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