Leminar Introduces Mesan Usa’s Energy-efficient Cooling Towers To Kuwait And Qatar Markets

Leminar Introduces Mesan Usa’s Energy-efficient Cooling Towers To Kuwait And Qatar Markets

9 March 2017 – Dubai, UAE | Leminar Air Conditioning Company WLL, the leading distributor and service provider of HVAC and plumbing products in the GCC, introduced Mesan USA Cooling Towers to an elite gathering of industry professionals in Qatar and Kuwait on March 6th & 8th respectively. The product debut took place during Leminar’s technical seminars, which focussed on alternative evaporative cooling technology.

Earlier in the year, Leminarformalised a distribution agreement with Mesan USA for the supply of its CTI certified products in these two countries. The latter is one of the leading manufacturers in the USA and has over 2,300 models in its portfolio.

It is also the only manufacturer which designs and develops its own fans, ensuring a perfect match between towers and fans, for the highest combined efficiency (thermal and energy), and consequently the lowest energy consumption per tonne.

The keynote speaker at the seminar, Sergio Flores, Director of Mesan USA, said: “Mesan USA uses the same technology used in the design of winglets of an aircraft for its fan blades. Our wide, aerodynamic fan blades allow air movement at reduced RPM, which in turn lowers noise levels and translates to quietest possible operation.”

Flores also noted that Mesan USA Cooling Towers is regarded by many as a jewel in the cooling tower industry because of its unique aesthetic design. The product also uses double drift eliminators to curb undesirable loss of liquid water to the environment, thereby making it highly efficient.

PramodhIdicheria, Executive Director, Leminar Air Conditioning Company, said: “We take great pride in introducing top-quality international brands to regional markets. And when the product has additional benefits to offer from an environmental standpoint, we aggressively campaign for its adoption in the region. Mesan USA is an excellent addition to our steadily growing portfolio of products for the region’s HVAC industry.”

Mesan USA is one of the few cooling tower manufacturers which has its own selection software. All their products are manufactured at their state-of-the-art, ISO-9001 certified facility, are CTI certified and are fully compliant with ASHRAE 90.1-2016 standard. It offers counter-flow, cross-flow, forced draft and induced draft towers in FRP, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

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