Intercol Awarded Alcatel-lucent Enterprise Premium Partner Status In Bahrain And Qatar

Intercol Awarded Alcatel-lucent Enterprise Premium Partner Status In Bahrain And Qatar

Intercol has become Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Premium Partner in Bahrain and Qatar. The recognition comes as a result of high performance and the level of support offered by the company in Qatar and Bahrain to its Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers.

Intercol has been an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partner for 20 years now. Intercol started operations for Alcatel Lucent in Bahrain in the year 1993. After 15 years of operations in Bahrain, Intercol started operations in Qatar in 2008 after a joint venture was formed with Dyarco (Al Faisal Holdings company) called Intercol Dyarco W.L.L. This helped Intercol scale up its Alcatel Lucent operations.

Headquartered in Qatar, Dyarco International Group W.L.L provides superior services for establishing various businesses, serving both domestic and international sectors.  Dyarco is a vibrant versatile business house with an unrivalled portfolio of interests and investments. Dyarco brings an innovative approach to service consulting, acting as a partner for business principals. Within a short time, Dyarco has grown to incorporate various partners, becoming a driving force in the Qatari market.

Mr. Ullattil Achu, Group General Manager of Dyarco and Intercol Qatar, said, “Dyarco is one of the fastest growing companies with a sizeable representation of many Multi Nationals in Qatar. The global partners we work with are the best in their respective fields. Having Intercol as our joint venture is a matter of pride and this achievement is highly significant in Intercol’s growth to reach even greater heights. We are confident in playing our role to establish Intercol as the leading Communications and Information Technology service firm. We welcome them as an integral part in the country’s move to prepare for various outstanding projects.”

To achieve Premium Partnership status, Intercol’s team had to undergo additional certifications in unified communications, networking, wireless infrastructure and other relevant ICT technologies to be able to support its clients across the various segments in Bahrain and Qatar.

Dinesh Ramankutty, General Manager at Intercol Bahrain, said, “We take pride in the fact that we have excellent customer retention and most of our new business is based on referrals from satisfied customers. This recognition from Alcatel Lucent is an excellent motivation for our team and will spur us to achieve more. We are delighted to get accredited as a Premium Business Partner for Alcatel Lucent. This is a result of our close partnership with Alcatel Lucent and our continuous investment in people and resources.”

“Intercol has stayed committed to us over the years,”saidNajeh Khalil, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Territory Manager in Qatar. “Our partnership has grown from strength to strength based on mutual commitment towards our customers and their needs. We look forward to continuing this collaboration and empower Intercol to expand its capabilities with new certification and skill sets.”

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