Dyarco Was Acknowledged In The ‘the Oil And Gas Year’

Profile: Dyarco International Group includes diverse industries and multinational companies. It Is a partner in more than 30 companies in Qatar and abroad.

Oilfield Services: One of Dyarco’s partnerships is with the Oilfield Supply Centre of Dubai located in Jebel Ali. The company has several materials suppliers, including Sledgehammer, Falcon International, Marine Ventures and Singapore Petroleum

Civil Infrastructure: Several of the group’s partners are contractors involved .in the New Doha Airport project including the engineering, procurement and construction company Bemco-Unicorp, Johnson Controls and Cimac-Schneider.

 Consultancy and Workforce: Dyarco partners with UK recruitment firms Orion and Rust Resources and consultants Petroleum Development Consultants, Pioneer Oil and Gas and Rock Ferry International.

 Quote for 2013:”Qatar is an open market and competition is intense. Companies in Qatar need to grow every day just to catch up with their peers and they need to become more diversified to guard against possible slowdowns in the sectors they are serving:’

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