Al Failaq International Trading Co.

Products & Services

  • Sound System – TOA (Japan)
  • Security System – TOA (Japan), Elbex
  • Communication Systems – Transol (Australia), Fermax (Italy)
  • Access Control System – Centurion (S.A0, Securakey (USA), Fermax (Italy), PCSC (USA)
  • Pro Sound Speakers, Home Theater
  • Voice Evacuation, Digital Matrix
  • Infra-Red Camera,
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Explosives /Narcotics Detection
  • Alarm Management System
  • Audio Video Door Entry

Contact Details

Company Profile

Al Failaq International Trading Company WLL is 100% Qatari company, owned by Dyarco International Group.

From its inception, Al Failaq concentrated on three major fields: Sound, Security and Communications. AL Failaq provides advanced Voice and Data Communications, and complete solutions that meet the demands of Defense, Aviation and Navy sectors, as well as emergency services such as Fire Stations, Electrical Distribution, and Road Traffic Control Rooms.

Al Failaq’s dedication to quality and a commitment to trouble-free operation has earned them a growing list of clients which includes Ministries, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, 5-star Hotels and Resorts, Shopping Malls, Museums, Stadiums, Multistory Towers, Cinemas and Auditoriums, Embassies, Palaces, Defense services, Airports etc.

Our state-of-the-art and user-friendly audio systems enable close control and deliver high-fidelity audio quality appreciated by discerning audiences – in concert halls, large convention rooms, opera houses, movie theatres, stadiums, airports, hospitals, mosques, amusements arcade and theme parks.

Company Project Profile

  • Doha Sheraton (New Gymnasium & Aerobics Facility) – Qatar
  • Grand Hyatt (Speaker System) – Qatar
  • Qatar Scientific Club – Paging & Music System
  • Renault Nissan Main Car Showroom at Salwa Road (Paging & Music System) – Qatar
  • Ministry of Education HQ: Conference Room (Wireless conference & Interpretation System) – Qatar
  • La Cigale Hotel (Background Music System) – Qatar
  • ASIAN Games (Rayyan & Gharrafa Indoor Stadium Sound System) – Qatar

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